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The Other Side

When a simple ceremony takes a turn for the worse, four unlucky souls are thrust into the battle against a mysterious, otherworldly power. Through determination, hard work, and a little help from their friends, they begin to uncover the truth behind the infernal dealings that took place, but they realize that unless they hurry, they might just be too late, for the entirety of the realm faces sure annihilation…

Table Rules

1. The standards- minimal cell phone usage, be considerate of other players’ turns and gametime.

2. The Ocelot rule is in effect.

3. You help me, and I’ll help you- the more you give me to work with, the more fun everyone else can have.

4. Third party classes or races are disallowed. Third party items are approved upon GM discretion. I am more than willing to help you get to what you want, just ask first.

5. You must come to the table with,
a name
a race
a class
a motivation (why are you the class you are? What made you this way and for what reason do you seek to get better/do you have an endgoal?)
at least a short backstory (the best backstories leave open hooks- “I am searching for my estranged brother,” “My actions of being a childhood bully haunt me and I will do whatever it takes to redeem myself in the eyes of those who I have wronged,” etc. They also include at least one or two pivotal NPCs- the people who shaped you or made you who you are.)
the general appearance of your character (height, build, eye/hair color, the way you dress and present yourself)
No exceptions. Your character concept defines you— I don’t expect you to be able to roleplay perfectly from day one, but having all of these things helps you to determine what choices to make early on.

6. Ray spells do not count as weapons for the purpose of firing into melee.

7. Combat Expertise is granted for free to anyone who meets the prerequisites.

8. Weapon Finesse is granted for free to the weapons it modifies. Following RAW, you may choose to use it or not.

9. I am using Hero Points. (1 pt per level) Feats/abilities that grant extra hero points are disallowed.

10. If you explain your action/check/roll in great detail, you get a +2 to the roll.

11. No EXP. The party levels together.

12. 15 point buy. One trait (given by the GM), or two traits (One given by the GM) and a drawback. Reference Ultimate Campaign.

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